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What is Cortex XSOAR?

Cortex XSOAR is the most comprehensive SOAR platform in the market today, orchestrating across hundreds of security products to help your SOC customers standardize and automate their processes for faster response times and increased team productivity. Read More or watch some videos

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Why Become a Partner?

Join our 300+ integrations network to increase your reach into some of the largest SOCs in the world. Access over 60,000 customers in 150+ locations across multiple industries. See Why

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Cortex XSOAR Use Cases

Learn about use cases relevant to your customers and create new scenarios that better integrate your product or services into the SOC incident response lifecycle. Read More

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Cortex XSOAR

Our Approach to Security Orchestration

Effective security orchestration is about making different products integrate with each other and automating tasks across products through workflows, while also allowing for human oversight and interaction. To achieve that goal, we integrate with security and non-security technologies, based on what our SOC customers need to streamline and automate their incident response end-to-end.